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Certain Uncollected Poems


Certain Uncollected Poems

By Sandra McPherson

ISBN: 978-1-930454-32-3

This gathering of once-published poems represents a portion of my writing that I want conserved alongside the collections in print with Wesleyan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ecco. Certain Uncollected Poems is meant to extend the life of writings that I never found chance or occasion to weave into other books.

Read an excerpt: Far Away In Time, the Senses Return to Me as I Identify with That Tree

See a decorated page from the book: On The Abundance of Shell Hinges After A Storm

Praise for Sandra McPherson's poetry

Read Sandra McPherson’s poems to experience the beautiful intellect of words placed in perfect positions of sound and sight. Read [them] to encounter multiple ways to measure memory, subtle stratagems to release loss, the coaxing of magical phrases to retain the present, the play of wit and light to keep a balance. Read Sandra McPherson’s delving and surfacing poetry carefully. Immersion. Don’t miss a single word.

— Pattiann Rogers, author of Firekeeper

Sandra McPherson is one of the first poets in my generation to declare her individuality. She transposed the core — the freshness of seeing — into a sensibility that was younger, more raffish, more political. Maturity has only honed her fine diction and her emotional accuracy.

— Alan Williamson, author of The Pattern More Complicated

About Sandra McPherson

Sandra McPherson was a professor of English at the University of California, Davis, until her recent retirement. She has also taught at the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop, the Oregon Writers' Workshop, and the University of California, Berkeley. She has won a Guggenheim fellowship, received an award in literature from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, and was a nominee for a National Book Award. For a decade she edited Swan Scythe Press. She is a collector of quilts, Japanese art, ceramics, decoy waterfowl, and other things that appear in her poems.

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