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How to Be This Man

The Walter Pavlich Memorial Poetry Anthology

Sandra McPherson (Editor)

ISBN: 1-930454-18-X

Read an excerpt: “He Said To

About How to Be This Man

How to Be This Man collects men’s evocations and invocations of maleness, boyhood, guyness, the days of men’s lives. While each man sounds like himself, the poets also speak with one voice, affirming the self-portraits we leave of ourselves and the community we join in.

Poets include Clarence Major, Harold Johnson, Adrian C. Louis, Marvin Bell, Jack Marshall, Adam Soldofsky, Doug Blazek, James Den Boer, Walter Pavlich, C. G. Macdonald, John Olivares Espinoza, Eduardo Corral, Ron Mohring, Alejandro Escudé, Davis Salner, Jack Ridi, Randy White, Larry Moffi, Joe Duemer, Joe Hoppe, James Lee Jobe, Arthur Ginsberg, Gene Epstein, George Vahle, Arthur Heehler, Francisco Aragón, Dominic Albanese, Joseph Green, Jeffrey Franklin, John Allen Cann, Eric Gudas, Ryan Van Cleave, and playwright Lee Blessing, fish carver Jerry Matzen, and Outsider artist Lewis Smith.