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Snow On A Crocus

By Joan Swift

ISBN: 978-1-930454-27-9

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Praise for Snow On A Crocus

Swift writes the kinds of poems that make one ache deep down, poems that soothe with their lyrical freshness, that startle into new ways of seeing the ordinary, into understanding. At times she mixes the lovely with the horrible and the results are terrifying and beautiful. --Walter Pavlich, Northwest Review (on The Dark Path of Our Names)

Eros caused it; people judged it; and the poet had to re-imagine it. In her investigation of a young woman's exigency, a wilderness of morality upon which a life depended, Joan Swift has done what no other poet has. She has even seen into -- and out from -- the moment linking birth to death. Committed to disclosing the full psychological intricacy with the difficult craft of formal poetics, Swift has taught poetry how to do the impossible. -- Sandra McPherson

About Joan Swift

Joan Swift studied poetry in the last class taught by Theodore Roethke. Publishing in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and The Yale Review, she has authored four full-length collections including The Tiger Iris and The Dark Path of Our Names. She has been awarded three National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships. She lives in Edmonds, Washington.

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