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By Emmy Pérez

ISBN: 1-930454-31-6 2nd Edition

Read an excerpt: “Halladay Street

Praise for Solstice

"Emmy Pérez's poems are elegantly political, never polemical. They discover the beauty in revolution without romanticizing its hardships. From the first moment I encountered her poems, I knew I was meeting a singular voice -- one that can find lyricism in struggle, dignity in injustice. Her voice sings of landscape and longing with deftness of image and diction. What a welcome debut."

—Allison Joseph.

"The new generation of Latina poets will be noted for the work of writers such as Emmy Pérez."

—Ray González

About Emmy Pérez

Emmy Pérez grew up in Santa Ana, California, and is a graduate of Columbia University. She has lived on the Texas-Mexico border, from El Paso to the Rio Grande Valley, for over a decade. Currently, she is a CantoMundo fellow, a member of the Macondo Writers' Workshop, and an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas-Pan American.

Contact Emmy Pérez: lperez16@utpa.edu